Globe - we build
zero-emission, smart, and connected fuel cell technology

We supply hydrogen-powered energy to your logistic system

Our Fuel Cell Generators are the ideal and most ecologic hybrid system, combining fuel cell and Li-Ion battery power. Our generator delivers up to 50kW Peak Power and allows one shift continuous usage. Refueling is done just at the end or during shifts, in a 5-minute refueling break. That massively increases efficiency and TCO, since your CAPEX is working and not waiting to get its batteries re-charged.

XLP80 is packaged exactly for standard through size (PzS 775 battery replacement) and is therefore ready to plug & play.

We combine operational and investment cost reduction with sustainability

Ever thought about sustainability and where your 800 kg lead-acid battery packs come from? How they are built and what happens at their end of lifecycle? Our Fuel Cell Generators provide Green Tech with no harmful emissions, since there is no need to store or handle any toxic materials as such in battery operations. The only outcome we produce is clear water.

But it is not only about sustainability – our generators bring about a lot of advantages for your material handling business: Our Fuel Cell generators keep power and speed, even when below 50% battery level. Unlike with conventional batteries you get full power as long as your tank provides hydrogen. And if you run low on fuel: a recharge is possible within 5 minutes. No lengthy recharging means eliminating today’s need of commercial space for hours of forklift charging, which equals approximately 8% of your valuable warehouse space in a 3-shift operation.

Cloud-based connectivity for real-time monitoring and data-driven optimization

Our generators are not just Green Tech, they are Smart Connected Green Tech. Each generator comes with an inbuilt connectivity unit that enables real-time access to all performance and sensory data due to its integrated DataCore®. This unique approach unfolds completely new advantages for you as customer – first of all the guarantee on absolute reliable operation since we know how the Fuel Cell Stack is doing in every moment and our technician will be at your side before things go wrong.

And, there are a couple of very interesting new features we will release soon, for example usage based payment. So stay tuned for these brand new feature sets.

We build our Fuel Cell Systems from Germany to the world

Globe combines >40 years of Mercedes-Benz engineering experience. So you can be sure, we know how to set up our products at highest standards. All products come with full CE certification on market entry, which is expected to be in 4th quarter 2021. Since we re-use all of our engineering know-how and gained experience digitally, we are able to come up way faster with more products from our material handling product family such as 24V or 48V generators, which will follow soon.

And for sure, we love material handling, since this is our little heritage. But we also see the tremendous potential of modern, modular and digital Fuel Cell engineering in common. So we get ready to parachute our products in other markets very soon. Stay tuned!

Steven Oji (MD & Co-Founder)

Steffen Bäuerle (CEO)

Dr. Bernhard Wienk-Borgert (MD & Co-Founder)


We operate in a striving industry build on trust. Trust in our Fuel Cell Technology as well as trust in the experts. This can only be achieved through communication and experienced support. So, eventually, it is all about humans talking to humans. If you want to know more about Fuel Cell Technology, let's talk. If you are interested in a hydrogen-based solution for your company, let's talk. If you are interested in investing in a passionate team of experts and get access to a technology that will change the globe, let's talk. We are looking forward to hearing from you and start something exciting – together!

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